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Trinity 2017

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Tuesdays at 5pm

Wolfson College, Seminar Room 3

Convenors: Nick Davidson & Miles Pattenden

Week 1 (25 April)

Liesbeth Corens (University of Cambridge): 'Counter-Archives and creating communities: early modern English Catholic collecting' 

Week 3 (9 May)

Stefan Bauer (University of York): 'Sforza Pallavicino: Writing the History of the Council of Trent '

Week 5 (23 May)

Sophie Nicholls (University of Oxford): 'Gallicanism in the French Wars of Religion: the case of René Choppin'

Week 7 (6 June)

Harald Braun (University of Liverpool): 'Giovanni Botero, Reason of State, and Spain'



Wednesdays 5pm

Hovendon Room, All Souls College

Week 1 (26 April)

Helen Watanabe O’Kelly (Oxford): 'Queens Consort, European Court Culture and Cultural Transfer;

Week 3 (10 May)

Jan Kvetina (Charles University Prague): 'Political Dialogues and Republican Discourses in the Polis-Lithuanian Commonwealth'

Week 5 (24 May)

Hamish Scott (Oxford): 'Succession, Inheritance and the Formation of Europe’s Aristocracies c.1300-1750'

Week 7 (5 June)

Kerstin Weiand (Gießen): 'Dynamics of Crusades in Early Modernity'




Monday 8 May 2017
Christ Church Upper Library at 5.15 p.m.

David Rundle (Corpus Christi College, Oxford): 'More than a house for books: collecting and Christ Church library'

Monday 22 May 2017
Weston Library Lecture Theatre at 5.15 p.m.

Alessandra Panzanelli Fratoni (15cBooktrade, based at the British Library): 'Reconstructing dispersed collections: Burney and Consul Smith in the British Library'

Wednesday 7 June 2017
McKenna Room, Christ Church
Meeting to begin at 4.30 p.m. Lecture to follow at 5.15 after a brief interval for tea.
Richard Serjeantson (Trinity College, Cambridge): 'The archival afterlife of Francis Bacon (d. 1626): from Hartlib to Harley, via Lambeth'



Tuesdays: weeks 1, 3, 5 and 7

Ertegun House, 5.15pm

Convenors: Professor Rhodri Lewis and Professor Emma Smith




Tuesdays of weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8 at 5.15pm

History of the Book Room, St Cross Building

Convenor: Micah Coston




5pm in The Breakfast Room, Merton College (tea from 4.45)



St Catherine’s College
Mondays, 5 pm



The seminar will meet weekly, on Wednesdays at 5 p.m., in the Turl Yard Lecture Room, Lincoln College (ask at the college lodge for directions). Tea and Coffee will be served from 4.45pm. All research students working in this period are encouraged to attend; anyone else interested is also very welcome.



For information about the seminar, and news of forthcoming events, visit our Facebook page: We would be happy to post notices of interest to our group – contact

J. Innes (Somerville), B. Harris (Worcester); S. Skinner (Balliol); O. Cox (TORCH); P. Gauci (Lincoln)



Mondays Week 2, 4, 6, and 8

5.15pm Old Library, Hertford College (except week 2)

Week 2 (May 1)

POSTER DISPLAY WORKSHOP: Graduates and Postdocs present their research through posters and discussion (all welcome). OLD HALL, MANSFIELD COLLEGE. NOTE ALTERNATIVE VENUE

Week 4 (May 15)

Professor Chloe Wigston-Smith, University of York:  ‘Bodkin Aesthetics: Ordinary Luxury and Material Metamorphosis in the Eighteenth Century'

Week 6 (May 29)

Rathika Muthukumaran, ‘"Modesty in Nakedness": Siam and the Politics of Modesty in the Anonymous The Unnatural Mother

Christy Edwall,  ‘How to do things with Linnaeus’

Week 8 (June 12)

FACULTY PRESENTATION: Professor Ros Ballaster, Mansfield College:  ‘Being there: the fiction of presence in eighteenth-century theatre and novel’



Thursdays, 2:15pm, followed by tea

Quarrell Room, Exeter College

Convenors: John-Paul Ghobrial (History) and Joanna Weinberg (Oriental Studies)



Tuesdays 4:30pm, Wolfson College (except Week 1 at Keble College)

Organiser: Fernanda Pirie



Wednesdays at 5.00pm

All Souls College, Hovenden Room

Series organisers: Philip Beeley, Chris Hollings, Benjamin Wardhaugh



Thursdays at 3.30pm

Maison Française Library
2-10 Norham Road

Organisers: Jessica Goodman and Richard Scholar




Thursdays at 5.15pm

Maison Française Library
2-10 Norham Road




Mondays, 5 p.m.

Voltaire Foundation (99 Banbury Road)

Sponsored by the
TORCH Enlightenment Programme/Besterman Centre for the Enlightenment
Convenors: Laurence Brockliss, Nicholas Cronk, Kelsey Rubin-Detlev



All at 2:15 in the Horton Room, Weston Library (Level 1).

All welcome with a Bodleian reader's ticket or University card. Others please email




Fridays 2.15, in the Weston Library, Visiting Scholars’ Centre (Level 2)
Convenor: Cristina Dondi (Lincoln College and 15cBOOKTRADE)



Wednesdays at 5 pm, St John’s College, New Seminar Room

Convenors: Oren Margolis, Natalia Nowakowska, Hannah Skoda, John Watts



Wednesdays 2pm

Gerry Martin Room, History Faculty

After the seminar, there will be afternoon tea.

Conveners: Martin Christ (Balliol), Ian Maclean (All Souls), Lyndal Roper (Oriel) Edmund Wareham (Somerville), Peter Wilson (All Souls)



Paul Nelles (Carleton):  'The Vatican Library and the Counter-Reformation'

Beginning Thursday, 4 May 2017 in the Lecture Theatre, Weston Library 



Friday, 21 April

Radcliffe Humanities, all day

'Collaborative Book Production'

This one-day workshop aims to explore collaborative book production from the Middle Ages to the present day. It is the aim of the workshop to shed light on the practicalities, purposes and thought processes behind collaborative working methods. More information here.

Monday, 8 May

5pm, History Faculty, Colin Matthew Room

The TORCH Crisis, Extremes, and Apocalypse network are hosting a talk on 'Terminus or Renovation? Francis Bacon and Crisis in Early Modern Knowledge' with Dr Richard Serjeantson (University of Cambridge). More information here.

Please email if you would like a relevant seminar series or event to be featured on this page. 

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