Trinity 2015

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Convenors: Professor Rhodri Lewis and Professor Tiffany Stern

Tuesdays, weeks 1, 3, 5 and 7

History of the Book Room, English Faculty 5.15pm

Week 1. Seth Lerer (University of California, San Diego): "An Elegy for Ariel: Music, Myth, and Ravishment in John Dowland and The Tempest"

Week 3. Ceri Sullivan (Cardiff): "Private Prayer in Shakespeare's Histories"

Week 5. Katherine Hunt (Oxford): "Deep Intricacy: Numbers, Bells, and Writing in Seventeenth-Century England"

Week 7. Molly Murray (Columbia): "From the Closed Cell to the Infinite Universe: Prison Projects and the Ralegh Circle"



The seminar takes place in the Gibbs Room, Keble College (in the basement of the Warden’s Lodging: access via the main entrance of the College and Porters’ Lodge, Keble Road), 5.00, Thursdays.  The paper is followed by refreshments.

30 April  Prof. Diarmaid MacCulloch FBA, St Cross College Oxford: ‘Thomas Cromwell: return of the native 1516-1531’

7 May  Dr Mishtooni Bose, Christ Church: ‘The Eucharist and the argumentative imagination in fifteenth-century England’

14 May  Dr Leslie Theibert, University College, Oxford: ‘Countering the Catholic Threat: Anglo-French Competition for Spanish America, 1688-1700’

21 May  Prof. Vincent Gillespie FBA, Lady Margaret Hall: ‘“Before Our Very Eyes”: Visionary Poets and Poetic Visionaries in Later Medieval England’

28 May  Dr Anne Overell, Honorary Fellow, University of Durham: ‘Nicodemites between Tudor England and Italy’

4 June  Dr Ian Campbell, Queen’s University Belfast: ‘Archbishop James Ussher and Kingship in the Three Stuart Kingdoms'

11 June  Dr Dmitri Levitin, Trinity College, Cambridge: ‘A new model of intellectual and religious change in seventeenth-century England’

18 June  Prof. Roger Mason, University of St Andrews: ‘Divided by a Common faith?  Protestantism and Union in 17th century Britain’

Judith Maltby, Diarmaid MacCulloch, Sarah Mortimer, Grant Tapsell



5.15pm, Seminar Room B, English Faculty*

Tuesday 5th May

- Kirsten Macfarlane (Lincoln) ‘“Making untruethes in turning the Bible into our tongue”: Sixteenth-Century Criticisms of the Bishop’s Bible (1568) and the Geneva Bible (1560)’

- Alex Wright (Sidney Sussex, Cambridge) ‘From Bacon’s Historia Literarum to Johnson’s Literary History: The Catalogue of the Harleian Collection(1743-5)’


Tuesday 19th May

- Jakub Boguszack (St Hugh’s) ‘Cueing Laughter: Shakespeare’s and Jonson’sComedies in Parts’

- Micah Coston (Linacre) ‘A Melodie in their Moving: Celestial Music and Motion in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice and Heywood’s The Iron Age Plays’


Wednesday 3rd June, *6.15pm, St Hilda’s College, Lady Brodie Room

- Professor Daniel Carey (NUI Galway): ‘To Edit the Editor: Richard Hakluyt

and the Challenge of Producing a Critical Edition of the Principal Navigations



Tuesday 17th June

- Anouska Wilkinson (Merton) ‘God, Man and Nature: Theological Ethics in Dryden’s The Cock and the Fox’

- ‘Notes and Queries’ Session – Details to Follow


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